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Soak, soak.

A hotel with modern Japanese world view
Picking the best of both ryokan and a business hotel

YATOMI HOTEL NUQU is located in the Yatomi/Kanie area of Aichi Prefecture. It is conveniently located only 30 minutes from Nagoya by car, yet offers natural hot spring baths in all rooms.

For couples on a memorable trip. For a family<br> get-together. For a slightly luxurious girls' night out. Enjoy HOTEL NUQU, the perfect place to spend a<br> special day with that special someone.


Open-air bath|Room#101-foam
It's like a hot spring inn! Natural hot spring bath in all rooms 01 - Onsen

Just like a hot spring ryokan!
Natural hot spring baths in all rooms

Enjoy natural hot spring water from a 46.6°C spring source in the baths in all guest rooms.
Enjoy a private onsen experience where you can soak in natural hot spring water in the comfort of your own
private room, rather than in a large public bath.

Full range of spa facilities including outdoor baths, bedrock baths, saunas, etc.
bedrock baths, saunas, etc.

  • Open-air bath|Room#103-Yuka
  • Open-air bath|Room#102-Kigetsu
  • Open-air bath|Room#112-Fukusui
  • Open-air bath|Room#104-Yunagi
  • Open-air bath|Room#111-Rain belt
  • Open-air bath|Room#106-Harukasumi

Some rooms have facilities such as an open-air bath with water flowing directly from the hot spring source, bedrock bath, and sauna. You can enjoy your private space with your lover, family, or friends. The rooms are also more reasonably priced than rooms with open-air baths in typical hot spring ryokan, which has also been well received.

Natural hot spring “Yatomi Onsen”

The hot spring is alkalescent and has various effects such as relieving fatigue and promoting health, and is gentle to the bodywith little stimulation.

  • Spring quality

    Hot spring (hypotonic, alkalescent, high temperature hot spring)

  • efficacy

    Neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, frozen shoulder, motor paralysis, stiff joints, bruises, sprains, chronic digestive diseases, hemorrhoids, sensitivity to cold, convalescence, recovery from fatigue, enhancing health

Enjoy a blissful time in a variety of sophisticated rooms 02 - Design

Sophisticated and versatile rooms
for a blissful stay

A variety of room designs based on modern Japanese taste are available. The interior design with attention to detail in the walls, ceilings, lighting, curtains, and decorations creates an extraordinary space.

Each room has a different design concept. No matter how many times you visit, there will be surprises.

A number of sophisticated rooms

A variety of impressive decorations

Enjoy our hotel's diverse designs.

Nagoya city landmark. Chubu Electric Power MIRAI TOWER, Oasis 21
Excellent access near Nagoya! Perfect as a base for excursions in the Tokai and Chubu regions 03 - Basic

Excellent accessibility near Nagoya! Perfect as a base for
short trips in the Tokai and
Chubu regions

The Yatomi/Kanie area in Aichi Prefecture is ideal for sightseeing in Nagoya, as it is only a 30-minute drive from Nagoya.
Many guests use the area as a base for day trips to popular sightseeing spots in Aichi, Mie, Gifu, and Toyama, which are a short drive away.

Many places to go out for leisure and
shopping around
the hotel

■Within 15-20 minutes by car
Nagashima Spaland, Mitsui Outlet Park Jazz Dream Nagashima, Nabana no Sato, Anpanman Museum, Legoland, Maglev/Railway Museum, etc.

■Within 20-40 minutes by car
Port of Nagoya Aquarium, Port of Nagoya Sea Train Land, Nagoya Castle, Oasis 21, Atsuta Shrine, Osu Kannon, Nagoya City Museum of Art, Nagoya City Science Museum (Planetarium), Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Garden, Kasumigaura Ryokuchi Park (Yokkaichi Factory night view viewing spot), etc.

Meals of various genres that can be enjoyed slowly in a private room 04 - Meal

Enjoying a variety of cuisines
in a private room at your leisure

We offer Japanese, Western, noodle, and rice dishes, as well as a la carte, sweets, and seasonal dishes made with seasonal ingredients.
We are particular about the ingredients, such as using special rice and bread (*) for some of our menus. (※Detail isClick here for the guidelines.

Please enjoy your time at our restaurant where you can stay overnight.

in a private room at your leisure

Free breakfast service

We offer a complimentary breakfast exclusively for our guests. You can choose from Japanese or Western dishes.

Full amenities
Enjoy a comfortable stay with full facilities and amenities 05 - Amenity

Have a comfortable stay a comfortable stay with
full facilities and amenities

Our hotel offers a wide range of facilities, amenities, and services to satisfy our guests.

Facilities, services
and amenities

  • Available in some rooms

    In spas: Open-air bath, bedrock bath, dry sauna, waterfall shower, relaxing chair, TV, underwater lighting, jet bath
    In rooms: Convertible sofa bed, headphone karaoke, massage chair

    Outdoor bath


    sofa bed

    headphones karaoke

  • Available in all rooms

    Large-screen TV, a VOD service, water server, microwave, mini-bar, refrigerator, air purifier, separate toilet and bath, bidet, room wear, hair iron, etc.



    Water server

    Hair iron

Amenity rental

Facilities, services
Click here for details on amenities