About Booking

  • Can I make reservations?

    Yes, you can make reservations for lodging and Girls' Night Plan on our official website.

    (*For Girls' Night Plan reservations, please see this page)

  • Can I choose my room when I make a reservation?

    While you cannot specify your room number, you can you can select amenities such as open-air bath, bedrock bath, with dry sauna, and smoking or non-smoking preferences.

  • Can I make a reservation for Short Stay and Day-use?

    We only accept reservations for overnight stays.


About usage fees

  • If I am staying with my family, what are the child rates?

    Yes, families are welcome. Children under elementary school age stay for free, while elementary school children are charged ¥3,000 each (excluding tax). For junior high school students and older, there is a 50% increase in the room rate per person.increase in the room rate per person.increase in the room rate per person. person.

  • How many people can a room accommodate? What are the charges?

    The maximum number of guests is 4. Additional guests are charged 50% more than the room rate per person.

  • Do you accept credit card payments?

    It is available.

  • Is QR payment available?

    It is available.

About service

  • Can meals be ordered 24 hours a day?

    Yes, meals can be ordered 24hours a day. However, special menus are available until midnight.

  • Do you have a children's menu? Also, do you have pajamas, toothbrushes, etc. for children?

    We are sorry, but we are currently working on a plan.

  • I would like to stay overnight. Are amenities provided?

    We provide over 100 support items for our guests to use. Please note that availability may be limited.

About equipment

  • Is the hotel barrier-free?

    We are not barrier-free at this time.

  • Do all rooms come with a hot spring?

    Yes, all rooms have access to natural hot springs.

  • Are extra beds available?

    Unfortunately, we do not provide extra beds.

  • Can I use Wi-Fi?

    Yes, it is available in all rooms free of charge.

  • Do you have non-smoking rooms?

    Yes, non-smoking rooms are available. You can specify your preference upon entering the room.

  • Do you have DVD players available?

    We do not have a DVD deck in the room, but VOD (Video on Demand) is available in all rooms free of charge.

  • Is karaoke available?

    Unfortunately, we do not have karaoke facilities.

  • Do you have vending machines?

    Yes, we have vending machines in each room. We also have water servers in all rooms.

About Parking

  • Is parking available for two cars?

    Please use the second parking lot on Route 23.

  • Can we park a high-roof car?

    Yes, vehicles with a height of less than 2.48m can be parked.

  • Is there parking for electric vehicles?

    We have parking spaces for three electric cars. Guests are requested to provide their own cables.


  • Is it possible to go out?

    It is possible. We will ask you to pay the rest/accommodation fee once as part of the procedure for going out.

  • Can I specify my room?

    If the room you want is available at the time of your visit, we will accommodate your request. Otherwise, rooms will be assigned based on availability.

  • Can I stay for consecutive nights?

    Yes, it is possible. In this case, you will be asked to pay once every 24 hours for security reasons.

  • Can women and men use the service together?

    We welcome a wide range of guests, including families, couples, and friends.

  • What should I do about lost items?

    Please contact us. Food and beverages will be disposed of on the same day for sanitation reasons, while other items will be kept for 3 months.

  • Can I use the room alone?

    Yes, you can.

  • Do you provide handwritten receipts?

    Yes, we do. Please ask us when you check out.