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Limited Time Summer Noodle Fair

Limited Time Summer Noodle Fair


    A refreshing summer noodle fair

    This summer, be sure to enjoy our seasonal summer noodles along with our hotel's natural hot springs.


    "Summer noodles" menu perfect for the hot summer

    Steamed chicken and lemon udon

    A refreshing chilled udon dish with healthy steamed chicken and grated daikon radish, served with lemon.

    Topped with mountain vegetables and grated yam soba

    Enjoy the chewy soba noodles mixed with plenty of grated yam and mountain vegetables.

    Beef and grated udon

    The key ingredient in this hearty dish is beef thoroughly marinated in a special sweet and spicy sauce.

    Pork rib Japanese style salad noodles

    This chilled ramen features juicy pork belly served in a refreshing salad style.

    Melty beef tendon miso chige ramen

    This warm ramen is made with white miso and tender beef tendons, a perfect match for chige ramen.


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    Limited Time Summer Noodle Fair